Flash Drive Format Recovery

flash drive format recovery

usb flash drive formatted

iCare Data Recovery Software - recover files from flash drives

Flash drive is a small electronic device used to store data and featured portable and reobust than a hard drive with a USB interface ranging its capacities from 64MB to 256GB.

Since it is portable and with a large capacity, it has become one of popular data storage with PC users to make transfer of data, back up files... However some of the following errors often occurs with flash drive users and they need a solution.

  • Flash drive recovery/repair
  • Flash drive not recognized
  • flash drive data recovery
  • formatted flash drive by accident
  • can you recover files after reformatted flash drive
  • flash drive format error
  • flash drive format RAW
  • USB flash drive format error
  • USB flash drive disk not formatted error
  • USB flash drive throws format error

iCare Format Recovery is able to recover files from your flash drive when it has format error, or the drive was formatted by mistake.

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flash drive format recovery

1, Download iCare Format Recovery on https://www.formatted-recovery.com/download.html

2, Connect your flash drive to Windows OS and run iCare Format Recovery, which will let you select the flash drive to recover files once you run it.

3, Preview lost files before registery.

4, Register and active the program to save files and you're finished.

Resource - Flash drive format errors

Besides the above flash drive format errors, here are some other similar problems that you may see you are not alone with flash drive problems.

  • USB Flash drive Format Error - my friend is borrowing my flash drive to save a project, the next day it says that it isn't formatted right and that to fix it we need to reformat it.
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  • Flash drive refuses to be formatted
  • Flash drive needs to be formatted error
  • Sandisk flash drive not recognized
  • How to fix errors and format usb flash drives
  • Slax bootable USB flash drive error
  • Sandisk Cruzer Micro 1GB flash drive format error
  • USB Pen flash drive format error

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