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iCare Format Recovery, all you need when your iPod has "not formatted" error, or reformatted by mistake, no matter regular format or quick format. iCare Format Recovery is able to recover most iPod files that even other programs fails. With iCare Format Recovery, the following iPod problems would be no longer your troubles.

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iCare Format Recovery is able to solve all format related problems on ipod. All you have to do is to download it free and search lost files.

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Tutorial: how to use iCare Format Recovery


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Lost iPod files by quick formatted ipod? full formatted ipod? IPOD is showing RAW file system and 0 byte? Don't worry, your ipod files can still be recovered when ipod is reformatted or has format problems.

iPod Format Recovery? When searching this or similar phrases, we know there must be some reformat or format related problems happened to your iPod or itouch. What should you keep in mind is by reformatting ipod, your files, music files are still on iPod, what has been done during the reformatting is the FAT, what we usually call file allocation table, which is to record the location of each file on the iPod. When the FAT is gone, all the music files are still there. What only changes is there is no door for this files store in a room.

What iCare Format Recovery does is to find those formatted ipod files without its gateway.

Here is a list of files that are detected by iCare Format Recovery, which is free to download and let you search formatted ipod files.

format recovery preview lost files

What shall you do to perform ipod format recovery?

Step One: Download and install the program.

Step Two: Connect your ipod drive to a Windows OS PC.

iCare software offers image preview before recovery to ensure your data rescue will be successful before registration.

Download it now!

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