Format Recovery from External storage media

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Format Recovery - External hard drive, usb drive, cellphone, blackberry, pen drive, memory card etc.

iCare Format Recovery is a professional unformat tool that is able to perform unformat when you formatted hard disk drive, external drive, external storage device by accident, fix external drive not formatted error by recovering files from the unreadable external drive. The following format error will no longer be your trouble.

iCare Format Recovery is able to solve all the above problems related any format recovery with your external drive, external disk, external usb drives, pen drive, memory card etc. All you have to do is to download it free and search lost files.

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Tutorial: how to use iCare Format Recovery


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When encountered format, reformat, accidental format, format by mistake, quick format, full format or drives reported not formatted errors, it could be troublesome if there were vital files lost. Don't worry, when performed formatting, the external device like external hard disk drives can only be damaged by its FAT, what professionals called file allocation table to mark the existing files to be available places for new files, what means you can never allow new files in after reformatting external drives or you might risk lossing files. Don't worry if you alread get some new files, iCare Format Recovery would try it best to find the most files even when part of new files were in.

format recovery preview lost files

Step One: Download and install the program.

Step Two: Connect your external drive to a Windows OS PC.

iCare software offers image preview before recovery to ensure your data rescue will be successful before registration.

Download it now!

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