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iCare Format Recovery

  • iPod recover deleted files when formatted ipod touch?
  • Looking for iPod file recovery after format?
  • iPod recovery software to restore music files?
  • need ipod undelete? or ipod restoration?
  • ...

Most kinds of ipod file recovery can be done by iCare Format Recovery, the up to date (Windows 7 compatible recovery software) is able to perform undelete, unformat...

iCare Format Recovery is able to recover deleted or lost iPod files including music files, stored photos, video clips etc. What's more? It supports all major iPod models including hard drive-based iPod Classic, compact iPod Shuffle, touchscreen iPod Touch, iPod Mini, video-capable iPod Nano, and other similar ipod devices in all first to next generation series.

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Tutorial: how to use iCare Format Recovery


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See how iCare Format Recovery shows pictures from a formatted recovery.

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1, Download iCare Format Recovery on

2, Connect your drive(if external) to Windows OS and run iCare Format Recovery, which will let you select the formatted drive to recover files once you run it.

3, Preview lost files before registery.

4, Register and active the program to save files and you're finished.

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iCare Format Recovery for iPod file recovery after format

iPod frozen? What a mess! You are not alone with your ipod won't do anything. Some other ipod users also run into ipod problems like:

  • iPod won't do anything and is probably frozen.
  • Pressed the iTunes Restore button but has music files lost how to restore?
  • iPod displays sad face icon.
  • displays exclamation mark and folder icon.
  • iPod collection lost after reinstalling Windows or connecting to another PC

iCare Format Recovery is able to help and perform the following ipod file recovery and fix your ipod problems.

  • iPod "Drive Not Formatted" message or iPod is not recognized or detected by your computer.
  • Recover music, video and photos: .m4a, .mp3, .mov, quicktime and jpeg file types from your iPod.
  • Supports: iPod, shuffle, iPod Mini, Nano iTouch,iPhoneand other iPod devices.
  • Recovers data after an iPod Reset or Restore by retrieve lost files.

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